Planner Notion Template

Planner Notion Template


Use this engaging and useful planner Notion template to stay organised and on top of your to-do list. You can simply plan out your week with space for work and appointments each day if you use a weekly calendar that is laid out from Monday through Sunday. The planner's fun design, which includes a cute koala and star decorations, makes using it enjoyable. The daily planner has an audio player so you can listen to your favourite music and see animated gifs, and the monthly calendar is accessible through a link. In the area given, keep track of your future exams and due dates. A progress bar that displays the amount of time spent on each activity allows you to keep track of your progress too, easily.


  • Weekly schedule with Monday through Sunday layout
  • Space for tasks and appointments each day
  • Playful design with koala and stars as decorations
  • Monthly calendar accessible through a link
  • Daily planner with audio player for songs and gifs
  • Space for tasks and upcoming tests or due dates
  • Progress bar to track time spent on tasks
  • Quick links to frequently used resources such as Zoom and School links


What is the benefit of using this planner Notion template?

This Notion planner template offers a creative and useful method to manage your activities and keep organised. You can easily keep track of your calendar with features including a weekly plan, room for chores and appointments each day, an audio player, and easy access to regularly used sites.

Can I customize this planner Notion template to fit my needs?

The planner Notion template may be modified to meet your needs. You can add or remove features as you see appropriate by customizing the template in Notion.

How do I access the monthly calendar in this Notion template?

You can access the monthly calendar in this Notion template through simply clicking on the link provided in the template.

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