Student Dashboard Notion Template

Student Dashboard Notion Template


To keep students focused and on track with their academic and personal objectives, this student dashboard Notion template has a number of features. A to-do list with checkboxes for today's tasks is included in the template, along with a navigation menu and connections to other pages. Also, there are easy connections to classes, an area for daily check-ins to manage priorities, and sections for costs, extracurricular activities, and personal projects. There are also sections for notes and study materials, notes and test dates, and notes and study materials. The design has sections for due this week and due next month, as well as visual components like a clock and progress bar widgets, to aid with time management.


  • Today's to-dos with checkboxes
  • Navigation menu with links to different pages
  • Daily check-in section to keep track of daily priorities
  • Due within the week section
  • Visual elements such as a clock and progress bar widgets
  • Space to include assignments and exam schedules
  • A section for notes and studying materials
  • A section to keep track of expenses


What is our Student Dashboard Notion Template?

Students may organise their daily tasks, assignments, notes, and other academic and personal information in one location using a pre-designed digital workspace in our Notion template.

What features does our Student Dashboard Notion Template include?

It has check boxed to-do lists, a menu with links to various pages, quick links to courses, a section for daily check-ins, sections for tracking deadlines and progress, spaces for assignments and schedules, a section for taking notes, and sections for keeping track of costs, extracurricular activities, and academic resources.

How can our Student Dashboard Notion Template help?

It gives you an area to keep track of all your chores, assignments, and resources for both your personal and academic life, which may help you stay organised, enhance productivity, and manage your time more effectively.

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