Weather Notion Widget

Weather Notion Widget


This Notion widget offers a convenient way for users to stay up-to-date on the weather conditions in their local area without having to leave the app. With the ability to view forecasts for the next 6 days as well as the current day, users can plan their activities or work schedule accordingly. The widget provides information on wind speed, temperature, and weather conditions, giving users a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from the weather. And with automatic location detection, users can quickly and easily get weather information without having to manually enter their location.


  • Automatically detects user's location to provide local weather information.
  • Displays the weather forecast for the current day and the next 6 days.
  • Provides detailed information on wind speed, temperature, and weather conditions for each day.
  • Easy to read and understand graphical representation of the forecast.
  • Offers convenient access to weather information within the Notion app.
  • Useful tool for planning outdoor activities or travel, as well as staying prepared for changes in weather.


How does the Notion weather widget detect my location?

The widget uses your device's IP address to detect your location and provide you with local weather information.

Can I customize the temperature units shown in the widget?

Not right now, however we are working on bringing this as a feature!

Does the widget provide real-time weather updates?

The widget provides a daily forecast for the current day and the next 6 days, and updates the information periodically based on the latest weather data available. However, it may not provide real-time updates on weather conditions.

Widget Summary

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  • Last Updated: 31th Oct, 2023

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